Another monologue of my screen play “June”. This time performed by me. Feedback is appreciated. 🙂

I am so tired.
I am so tired of running around in this faceless world.
Like life has this ongoing noise. Do you know it?
It’s like a highway stuck in my head.
Cars are constantly driving by.
Can you hear that noise?
You know what else is really crazy? How do I put this?
Like – sometimes I go n the subway – I go on and look around and I get scared -because everyone I am looking at, has his or her own story.
Like there are so many stories out there.
That makes about 40 stories in one wagon right? Or 50 or 100 – I don’t know.
So many stories about dramatizing events, about abusive family members, about tears you cry over a stupid boy or a stupid girl. There is so much pain – on one tiny subway.
This is so mind blowing.
And you know what? There are so many humans I will never meet.
So many humans I’ll never get to know – and I don’t even know who I am.
Who am I?
And why do I ask myself these questions?
There is so much pain in the world. And I can feel it all – so much pain.
It’s so exhausting. So exhausting.
So how about your pack your own lunch today? Just once?